Child Support

Parents often strive to remain together for the sake of their children, but sometimes, the best option for allowing kids to grow up in an emotionally healthy household is divorce. Just as both parents were charged with the task of supporting their children while still married, both must continue to do so after the divorce process is complete. In many cases, children’s needs are met through the granting of custody to one parent (and the ensuing payment of day-to-day expenses by the custodial parent) as well as the procurement of child support payments from the other.

Child support agreements can vary greatly depending on the income of the former spouses, the granting of joint or primary custody and the presence of other financial factors, such as extensive medical bills. No matter the circumstances surrounding the divorce and the ensuing child support agreement, it is important to work with a trusted child support lawyer. Look to Erika M. Mayorquin for assistance with child support issues in the San Diego area.

Child Support In California

The determination of child support payment levels is fairly rigid in California, with divorced spouses required to abide by regulations set in place by the state’s family code. The state uses a very specific formula, which includes provisions for both of the parents’ incomes, the number of children requiring support, the percentage of time the higher earning parent spends with his or her children, and deductions for everything from health insurance to child support for kids from other families.

Pursuing Child Support Modification

If, after a child support agreement has been determined, you suddenly find yourself without a job or saddled with significant medical expenses, you may be able to have your monthly child support payment modified. The state of California allows for child support modification in certain situations, although the parent seeking the modification must be able to prove that he or she is truly unable to make the required monthly payment. A child support lawyer such as Erika M. Mayorquin can prove incredibly useful in this regard, presenting substantial evidence in favor of the parent requiring modification.

Whether you are about to embark on the child support process or are in desperate need of payment modification, you can count on Erika M. Mayorquin for high-quality advice and representation. The EMM Law Office is an excellent resource for all matters related to child support.

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